Swedish IKEA Donated 50,000 Face Masks Found In Warehouse

By 8 months ago

An IKEA in Stockholm unexpectedly came across 50,000 masks in its warehouse. Now being a capitalist MNC, it could have turned it into a fortune. But owing to the period of crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, store logistics manager, Johan Andersson did not think twice before calling the hospital. He offered to donate them all.

According to sources, the IKEA store had purchased the masks during the recent outbreak of bird-flu and had all but forgotten about them. The moment the stash was rediscovered, Anderson contacted Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, the largest hospital in Sweden.

Andersson said about discovering the masks, “They were over the moon and said ‘What!? Wow! Just come!’ It feels great, in these times, when you read about so much unpleasantness with corona(virus) and all that, that we can show some solidarity. It think it’s important to do that. We’re just happy to have been able to contribute something.”

Ever since Coronavirus outbreak around the world at the beginning of 2020, most countries are fighting an uphill battle with keeping up with the required medical facilities and equipment. In countries like Italy, doctors are being forced to choose between patients due to the lack of sufficient infrastructure.

Andersson’s and the Swedish IKEA store are just one story among millions. The humanity of human beings is being tested in this trying period. And it is important, that even if physically distant, we should stand in solidarity with each other. This is a time to forget our differences. This is a time to reform our priorities.

The citizens of Sweden are definitely grateful to IKEA for its contributions. It is essential to be grateful to all the people who are putting something or other on the line to make our lives better. They are making this period of loss and crisis easier.