Sir Patrick Stewart Recites Shakespeare On Twitter For Audience Stuck Home During Lockdown

By 8 months ago

The Coronavirus lockdown has put a damper on all our plans to visit places and enjoy programs. But if you are a fan of good old Shakespearean plays, then here is a treat for you. Sir Patrick Stewart, a famous Shakespearean actor, has started reciting Shakespearean sonnets on Twitter for his fans.

Sir Patrick Stewart is a veteran artist. He was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for 15 years. We have enjoyed his performances both onscreen and off-screen. Most of us might remember him from his iconic performances in the Star Trek series or the X-Men series. His voice is something that a lot of people find comfortable and soothing. Hence it comes as no surprise that his sonnet recital tweet received over 55k likes.

It is like he brought the Shakespearean Theatre tour homes so we could Shakespeare and Chill? Not only that, delighted with the response to his tweet, Sir Patrick Stewart decided to take up the endeavor of keeping his fans entertained during this time of global crisis. He has taken to picking up his book of sonnets and reciting one every day starting from Sonnet 1.

Sir Patrick Stewarts’s charisma is so incredible that he has even inspired other Shakespearean artists. Judi Dench, seven times Academy Award nominee who won Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress for her role in Shakespeare in Love, also posted her Shakespearean love with Jade Anouka, arising Shakespearean Actress.

The audience is awed at being able to see their favorite stars during the lockdown. They are eagerly waiting for follow-up tweets. Life has stopped ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and all the productions had to shut down. At such a time it is important to give our gratitude to those who put themselves out there to fight this disease for us. But it is also important to show respect to the artists who have gone out of their way to make it easier for us to stay in. So stay in. Stay safe.