Locked down Man Due To Coronavirus Pandemic Uses Drone To Walk His Dog

By 8 months ago

Ever since WHO let the dogs out families with pet dogs are having a blast and feeling more secure with their furballs beside them. The same can’t be said about the owners though. Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the entire human race is forced to do what they have already mastered- the art of staying home and doing nothing.

But our furry friends are like babies who have endless energy. And it is important to keep our dogs active. So while the rest of us were brainstorming, a resourceful gentleman named Vakis Demetriou from Cyprus had a flying idea.

When on Wednesday Vakis Demetriou posted a video of walking his dog using a drone it became a viral sensation. The caption under the video read,

5th day quarantine. Stay home safe but don’t forget your dog’s happiness.”

The dog looks happy taking his walk. It is surely not the same thing as taking a walk with his Daddy but it is something. It is a period of crisis. Normal lives have been disturbed. But it is no reason to be hopeless.

During a period when social distancing is imperative to the survival of the species, human beings have to get creative at making their community lifestyle remote. While regular activities like office work and classwork have been converted into work-from-home and e-classes there are still activities like walking your dog that need us to be physically present to be able to do them. The use of drones would reduce the requirement of physical presence even more.

We have two options now: find a creative way like Vakis Demetriou to be outdoor without going out or be creative and find new ways to spend our time during the lockdown.

Dogs and other pets can be very good distractions. Much needed family time could be another. Maybe you would like to pick up a new hobby or learn that language you had always been planning to. You could also watch the videos you had been saving for later. But do not forget to give your pets your love and stay safe.