Keys Shaped Like Swords By Hero’s Armory For Opening A Door To Your Fantasies

By 8 months ago

All good fantasies have a portal. All portals have a key to opening them. Now, imagine if the key was shaped like a sword and manufactured by Hero’s Armory, and sold at stores. Provided, it won’t open any portals, but it could open your doors.

Hero’s Armory, an America-based company brings to us keys shaped like swords from our favorite fantasy movies and games. Brian, the founder, and CEO of Hero’s Armory got the inspiration when he saw the broken Sword of Narsil, and thought that it resembled a key.

The Kickstarter Campaign that helped launch this idea and give it shape had over 1365 votes. And given how fantastic the keys look (pun absolutely intended), it is no surprise that they now provide not only keys but also tiepins, bottle openers, USB drives, and many other trinkets inspired by the fantasy genre.

Their range is inspired from all popular fantasy worlds like Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, and many others. Needless to say, their 21 designs of keys have something for everyone. And the best part is you get the quality, finesse, and the custom experience of having a part of your favorite fantasy in your pockets, at just $12.99.

According to their website,

The Key Armory was born out of wanting to hold onto something that constantly reminded us of our childhood heroes. Now you can unlock the hero within with your own sword key! Each key is expertly detailed and inspired by your favorite stories, compatible with most houses, offices, apartments & more!”

Although the keys only come in the two most popular types- Kwikset and Schlage, it is their only limitation. They have something for everyone, and if your key type is different, then you could pick up something else from the fantastic inventory of the Hero’s Armory.

So, what are you waiting for? Go here and grab your own key from Hero’s Armory and open your door like a fantasy portal.

Image Credits: Hero’s Armory

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