Gody, The Corgi, Scares And Internet The Owner By Lying In Red Mess

By 8 months ago

Gody, the Corgi, loves to nap on the floor. Gody, the Corgi, loves to eat fruits. So what do you get when you combine dragon fruit, Gody, and nap? I can’t tell you. But I could show you. However, be warned- the picture looks like something very close to a crime scene.

Gody’s owner once found the cute boy happily napping in the kitchen after eating a dragon fruit in the messiest way possible. Unaware of the situation, and seeing his pet lying on the kitchen floor covered in thick red liquid, Gody’s owner rushed to his side, only to realize with a sigh of relief what had happened.

I think Gody knew all along that he is just too precious and adorable to get into any trouble. Gody’s Dad just clicked these scandalous pictures and posted them on Gody’s official Facebook page– Candy The Corgi Official. And just like him, Gody’s followers got shocked, then relieved. Oh, and did I mention that Gody has over  74k followers and this post alone was liked over 11k times and shared over 8.8k times?

According to Gody’s father, this Facebook page was created for Gody’s mother, Candy. He said, “This page was created for Candy a while ago. I want to share all the fun moments of my dogs with everyone to bring them some joy in their busy days.” And Gody happens to be just over two months old. So he is a baby acting like a baby.

Speaking about the post, Gody’s Dad said, “Because he’s a baby, like other baby dogs, he likes to get himself dirty and sleep a lot. He also loves to eat fruits.” He also said that this was the first time Gody ate dragon fruit.

As Gody is just two months old he has barely scraped his training. Corgis are extremely cute. But they can be extremely mischievous as well. A Corgi is naturally a pack animal. If dominance over them is not exerted soon enough, they can get completely out of hand. With a Corgi, tough love is the way to go unless you are willing to be a slave to its whims.

Image Credits: Candy The Corgi Official